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Looking for a final drive for your excavator or compact track loader? Look no further than Summit Tractor Parts, your one-stop shop for all your heavy machinery needs! Our extensive inventory of John Deere final drives and travel motors ensures there’s an option for every model. Our FDC final drives offer unbeatable quality and performance at prices well below OEM. Plus, every purchase comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty, so you can be sure you’re investing in a product that’s built to last.

Looking to save even more money by repairing that failed final drive? Our OEM and aftermarket spare parts are budget-friendly and easily accessible, and we even offer a convenient ‘repair and return’ service if you don’t have the time or knowledge to do the repairs yourself.

Ready to get started? The ‘Final Drive Finder’ tool below makes finding the right final drive for your machine quick and easy. Get your excavator back up and running in no time with the help of Summit Tractor Parts!

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Excavator Final Drives

FDC Brand Guarantees

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Machines Supported

Summit Tractor Parts is committed to supporting the following list of models with FDC final drives, travel motors, and repair parts. If you need any assistance identifying the correct final drive for your machine, please use the “FDC Final Drive Finder” above or give us a call.

John Deere15AT111860
John Deere25AT110503
John Deere30AT110504
John Deere50T110816
John Deere5020450-53399
John Deere120C9180731
John Deere120D9196238
John Deere160C LC4447928
John Deere160C LC4466663
John Deere160LCAT183684
John Deere160LCAT218124
John Deere17D4654367
John Deere27 ZTS4420996
John Deere27C ZTS4420996
John Deere27D4691488
John Deere35C ZTS4466796
John Deere35C ZTS0727001
John Deere35D4691489
John Deere35D4614213
John Deere35G4691489
John Deere35ZTSTH4420998
John Deere35ZTS0727001
John Deere50 ZTS4433991
John Deere50 ZTS4605108
John Deere50C ZTS4433991
John Deere50C ZTS4605108
John Deere50D4671390
John Deere50D4628892
John Deere50D0922101
John Deere50D1185401
John Deere50G4671390
John Deere50G1185401
John Deere60D4671390
John Deere60D1185401
John Deere60G4671390
John Deere60G1185401
John Deere653G HDAT191376
John Deere653G HDAT191377
John Deere690EAT147222
John Deere690EAT147221
John Deere70DTH110966
John Deere75D9272923
John Deere75D9290867
John Deere75D4678748
John Deere75D9291582
John Deere75G9272923
John Deere75G9290867
John Deere85D9272923
John Deere85D9290867
John Deere85D4678748
John Deere85D9291582
John Deere85G9272923
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