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Hey there! Looking for an affordable, high-quality slewing ring for your excavator or mini excavator? Look no further than Summit Tractor Parts! We have a huge inventory of John Deere slewing rings and hardware kits, suitable for all models!

Our DYCO slewing rings are specially designed to give you the same amazing performance and quality as genuine or OEM assemblies, but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with our 1-year warranty, you can rest assured that you’re getting great value for your money.

Want to find the right part for your machine quickly and easily? Check out our handy slewing ring lookup tool below, enter your details, and we’ll respond promptly with affordable solutions to get your equipment up and running again in no time.

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Dyco Slewing Rings
With DYCO at the core, you can expect peak performance from your excavator!

DYCO Delivers Dependability

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Machines Supported

Summit Tractor Parts is committed to supporting the following list of models with DYCO slewing rings and hardware kits. If you need any assistance identifying the correct slewing ring for your machine, please use the “slewing ring lookup”  tool above or give us a call.

John Deere110AP35548
John Deere120AP35548
John Deere3709166468
John Deere7909154037
John Deere7909049241
John Deere20549169646
John Deere35549166468
John Deere120C9184497
John Deere120D9285583
John Deere135C RTS9184497
John Deere135D9285583
John Deere160C LC9169646
John Deere160DLCPG200140
John Deere160GLCPG200140
John Deere17ZTS4440038
John Deere190EAT200445
John Deere200C LC9169646
John Deere200LCAT215656
John Deere2054 HDAT333735
John Deere210DLCPG200154
John Deere210GLCPG200154
John Deere2154DPG200014
John Deere225CLC9196732
John Deere225DLCPG200147
John Deere230C LC9154037
John Deere230LC9154037
John Deere230LC (HD)FFSB114934
John Deere240DLCPG200014
John Deere2454DPG200014
John Deere250DLCPG200014
John Deere2554 (HD)FFSB114934
John Deere270C LC9102728
John Deere270DLCPG200014
John Deere270LC9154037
John Deere27C ZTS4428009
John Deere27ZTS4428009
John Deere290GLCPG200014
John Deere2954DPG200046
John Deere330CLC9166468
John Deere330LC9166468
John Deere330LCR9166468
John Deere350DLCPG200046
John Deere350GLCPG200046
John Deere3554 (HD)AT329932
John Deere35C ZTS4428010
John Deere35D4606438
John Deere35ZTS4428010
John Deere370C9166468
John Deere3754DPG200046
John Deere450C LCAT132024
John Deere450DLCPG200019
John Deere450LCAT132024
John Deere470GLC9300649
John Deere4909045260
John Deere490DTH108810
John Deere490EAP35548
John Deere495DTH108810
John Deere50C ZTS4392256
John Deere50D4616037
John Deere50ZTS4392256
John Deere590DAT126926
John Deere595DAT126926
John Deere600CLC9229740
John Deere60D4670330
John Deere650DLC9229740
John Deere690DAT190768
John Deere690DAT106042
John Deere690EAT190768
John Deere70DTH110519
John Deere753G Feller Buncher842597800
John Deere75C9196498
John Deere75D9269852
John Deere75G9269852
John Deere790D9154037
John Deere790D9049241
John Deere790E9154037
John Deere792D9154037
John Deere793D9154037
John Deere800C9134215
John Deere80C9196498
John Deere850DLC9321216
John Deere892DTH111435
John Deere892EAT201167
John Deere953K842597800
John Deere992DAT132024
John Deere992EAT132024
John DeereFR24BF437533
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